Passport 2 Freedom is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that helps those who have been denied their basic human rights. We strive to be a voice for the voiceless.

We raise awareness of Human Trafficking and run programs for at risk children and families living in the favela-slum Gramacho in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
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In the Favela (slums) in Brazil, young boys are recruited by drug mafias to work as heavily armed soldiers, protecting their illegal drug trade. More than 80% of child soldiers do not live past their 21st birthday. Thousands of girls are enslaved into the sex trade and often prostituted by high-ranking soldiers. Many end up pregnant in their early teens as a result. P2F is working to break this vicious circle and help bring Hope and Change to these high-crime slums.


The Love and Compassion Fashion line is very unique as it is one of the very first and few lines where 100% of proceeds from apparel sales will go straight TO THE CAUSE.

We rely on private donors, foundations, and sponsors to cover everything from apparel and accessories production costs to basic office systems costs. Our donors are some of the most dedicated. Their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale-up as an origanization, and to continue our mission of using public sales of Apparel to go straight to the People in the Favelas and to combat human trafficking.
The reason we are doing it this way is because we want the consumer to buy the apparel to raise awareness, and we want the consumer to feel like they are donating straight to the cause without compromise.

Our unique hang-tags explains about Passport 2 Freedom and our vision. We hope that many will be moved to give towards this cause.
We've been inspired by others in the fight such as ZOE International and other anti-trafficking organizations, that sets a very high standard on child protection. Therefore our media will never portray anyone trafficked or enslaved.

America’s founding fathers put it well: “all men are created equal . . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”




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