Empowerment Programs

Disclaimer: Our media will NEVER show anyone trafficked

Child rehabilitation is in the center of our work strategy and our primary focus is on the individual (Physical, Intellectual and Social Development).

Rehabilitation and development is a planned evolution of all aspects of community well-being that brings improved life quality to the members based on change. We realize that more, bigger, richer or faster is not always better. Real development always means transformation. It always means more justice. But how can a community become just when it's roots are not stemmed in justice? How can life quality, peace, dignity and equality grow in our communities when injustice, gender inequality, irresponsibility are the roots? Where citizenship for the poor means only duties but no rights and where justice can be bought?

Transformation can only happen based on values and principles that are just. It means that the community has to understand it's rights and it's duties based on education, health, gender equality, protection and human rights. Once the favela residents understand their rights and duties toward their own communities, growth and transformation will happen. Change includes initiatives, courage to change from an individual to a collective point of view. It always includes an increase of responsibility as a key value to build on. It always means a positive look towards the surrounding and transformation as an outcome of learning and growing through the diversity. It always means a pro-active community. Only when the community understands this responsibility, sustainable change and transformation is possible.