Daniel Gemmell

Full name: Daniel Evan Gemmell

Sponsors: Adidas shoes, Element Skateboards, Bones wheels, The Goodroom Skate Shop & Passport 2 Freedom

How long have you been skating? I haven't stopped rolling for 17 years now! I can't help myself its too fun to stop

Tell us about your favorite travel: Traveling is the best, you meet so many people and get to experience so many new things that you would never have if ya didn't leave the house. The country's I have loved were phillipeans, brazil, korea, fiji, Hawaii there's a lot more pretty much every country I have been to I have enjoyed there is always some thing special about every place.

Favorite Song and why: It changes all the time, anything that's feel good.

Other hobbies? I really enjoy woodwork, building things outta recycled wood it's so rad! I love finding old wood and bringing it back to life!

How long have you known about Passport 2 Freedom? I've known about it for awhile but it wasn't till I visited my friend Hanne that I really got to hear about the vision of passport to freedom and also hear about all the awesome fundraisers, events & works they have been doing!

What do you know about the Favelas? I was lucky enough to work in the Favelas in Curitiba Brasil building a new home for a family for a few month. The family I spent time with were living in a dangerous environment with the bare basic's to survive. There was very little opportunity for the parents & children to get ahead in life and it seemed to lead them to find other ways to make ends meet (crime, selling drugs, prostitution). It was a huge eye opener to me.

Who in your life inspires you and why? My wife is inspiring to me, the way she is always thinking about other people and what she can do to help is defiantly admirable and inspiring.

Why do you believe in giving to those less fortunate? Because you never know how big the effect of your small action may be, the help you give can save someone's life I know it's hard to believe but peoples whole world/way of life can be changed.

Any ideas to encourage youth to get involved with charities? Staying humble and thankful for what you do have is a good start, thinking about what you can do for others helps you get involved it doesn't have to be money time appreciation words what ever you have to offer is good.

Favorite historic figure and why? My dad, he is genuine, humble and kind, he's turning 60 this weekend so he's almost historic.

Shout outs: Thanks to my friends and family you rule!
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