Someone’s Daughter

Silje Sandanger from Norway was born, adopted and raised in a tiny westcoast town in Norway and was a kid in the 80’s. She knows what a walkman is. That’s how she first got in touch with music. And not to forget the rec-button on the radio (”push the button, hurry up, this is such a good song!”).

She started singing in a choir at 4 and wrote her first poem as a 9-year old. Piano was her pain when she only learnt to play classical parts, but became her passion when she learnt how to play by heart at 15 (”why hasn’t anyone taught me this earlier?!”)

She spent the decade from the age 20 to 30 writing a bunch of songs, finding her roots, recording an album, getting married, writing more songs, becoming a mom and the fall 2014 she was in on the show ”The Hit” on Norwegian national TV with a song called ”You”, co-written with her friend Ken Ove G. Johansen, aka Alien Ken and got great publicity and response on her singing/songwriting.

She became a part of Passport 2 Freedom in 2011 when the idealistic founder herself (aka Hanne) asked her if she could write the themesong for P2F, and that’s how ”Her value can’t be measured” was born.

"Passport 2 Freedom feels super excited to have Someone's Daughter as a supporter and as a part of our crew."

Check out the song she wrote for Passport 2 Freedom called: